The 7 B's



This was the catchy message given to 31 girls living in the town of Katikamu this past Saturday as part of the Just Like My Child Foundation’s Girl Power Project.

Our Girl Power Project helps viagra pills build self-confidence in girls and teaches them about sex education and life skills

like personal empowerment, communication, social survival skills and how to avoid peer pressure.

I think the 7B’s is a funny sounding message, but an important one, since girls are not always encouraged to focus on education, but on preparing for marriage and having children.

One cultural practice young girls

are pressured to do is labia pulling, what Ugandans call “pulling,” so named because girls pull the labia minora regularly to lengthen the labia. There are strongly believed myths that a woman will not be able to find a husband or get pregnant without long labia. Long labia are also believed to give the man and woman more pleasure during sex. Who knows, maybe it’s true?

Girls as young as 12 are pressured at home and during school breaks to go off into the bushes and pull on their labia. One concern about pulling is that it increases the girls’ interest in sex at a very young age, possibly increasing their risk of contracting HIV/AIDs, because they may not have received sex and reproductive health education to protect themselves. JLMC’s Girl Power Project facilitator, Monica, teaches the girls that it is important to focus on education first and remember the 7 B’s. She doesn’t say pulling is good or bad, just that a girl should wait to make that decision when she is much older.

Every culture has their beliefs that put pressure on girls to want to modify their appearances to reach the dominant culture’s ideal beauty, like breast implants, Botox, laser hair removal, hair dye, anti-wrinkle cream, diets to reach a certain weight, etc. So, this is not an issue uniquely Ugandan. If girls are educated, they can make informed decisions for themselves like whether or not they want to engage in certain cultural practices.

Be a part of empowering girls in Uganda to make informed decisions about their bodies by supporting the Just Like My Child’s Girl Power Project.

Written by Sara Todd, JLMC Country Director

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One thought on “The 7 B's

  1. Tessa Davis

    A catchy and important Girl Power message all rolled into one! Great combination! Well facilitated Monica!!


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